• Operation and Maintenance
    MBB offers a comprehensive operation and maintenance package
  • Operation and Maintenance
    Good maintenance can prolong a project's lifespan by decades
  • Operation and Maintenance
    Keeping machinery in prime condition can save investors millions
  • Operation and Maintenance
    MBB operates and maintains over R500 million worth of infrastructure
  • Operation and Maintenance
    Maximising operation and minimising downtime

Operation and Maintenance

A full operation and maintenance (O&M) service is offered by MBB Consulting Engineers who have over three decades of experience in this area. Our objective is to ensure the sustainability and maximum performance of water based infrastructure as well as the highest return on investment for our clients.

We are rated as one of the country’s leaders in the design, operation and maintenance of small hydroelectric power plants as well as bulk water supply and reticulation systems.

Our services include the investigation, upgrading, repair, operation, maintenance and management of water related infrastructure such as: bulk water supply and reticulation networks, pumping systems, hydropower plants, dams and canals.

MBB also takes care of the finer details, like stock control of necessary spares, monitoring water meters, invoicing customers and debtors’ control. Our full package also consists of facilitating public participation where necessary and ensuring responsible environmental management.

MBB employs a team of full-time personnel to be on site, where necessary, also supported by local contractors to build capacity. Plant performance is remotely monitored, using the latest communications technology and SCADA systems to maintain optimal performance, minimizing down-time.

Currently, MBB operates and maintains four hydropower stations which produce 30 Gigwatt hours of energy, worth about R24 million, annually.

For the last 12 years the company has been contracted to operate and maintain the Lower Blyde Water Distribution Network. This supplies water, under pressure from the head created by the Blyderivierspoort Dam, to 7,000 hectares of irrigated land in the Blyde River Irrigation District and also serves the Hoedspruit air force base and town. The project consists of 240 off takes, a 120 km long pipe line network with pressure control chambers and a remote monitoring and control system.

We are also responsible for providing pressurised bulk water to about 800 small farmers, serving 6,500 hectares of irrigated sugar cane fields. This project entails the O&M of 92 pumping units, including rising mains, as well as managing the scheduling of irrigation to maximise the beneficial use of the water.

MBB has been instrumental in restoring water supplies to municipalities through repairs, maintenance and on-going management of infrastructure.

Together, our O&M projects represent an infrastructural value in excess of R550 million. The bulk water systems transport 286 000 000 kilolitres of water a year that, for the hydropower component, annually generates R24 million of electricity, and for the gravity fed pipelines annually saves about R8.5 million of energy. Where pumping is required to deliver water from rivers to irrigated lands, the bulk water systems annually use about R21 million of electricity.

Our Services

  • Bulk Water Supply and Reticulation Systems
  • Pumping Systems
  • Hydropower Plants
  • Dams and Canals
  • Water Treatment Plants