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Mechanical, Industrial and Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

MBB specialises in the design of industrial refrigeration, heating, ripening and cooling systems in the agricultural sector, to fit clients’ needs as well the produce’s physiological requirements. This ensures that the produce’s shelf life is extended, that the food remains fresh and that farmers reap the best prices.

As we serve the agro-processing industry, our involvement spans the entire cold chain from the moment of harvesting or slaughtering until the point of purchase by the consumer. Through decades of experience, MBB makes sure that each step complies with cold chain regulations as well as legislation governing the fresh food and perishable industry. Without compliance with these standards, no formal buyer will purchase a farmer’s produce.

Another focus is on adding value to produce and minimising post harvest losses by introducing innovative and cost effective designs and solutions to the fresh agricultural goods arena. This includes the red meat, poultry, fish, fruit, vegetable, wine, grain, oil seed and flower industries.

We also design and manage the installation of heating and cooling systems for factories, offices, government buildings and institutions such as prisons. MBB thrives on challenges and welcomes assignments which differ from the ordinary, such as installing modern lifts in centuries’ old, historical buildings.

One of our fortes is creative problem solving. This extends to helping clients compile applications, and gain approvals, for various aspects of a project. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with government departments and other institutions, and work in conjunction with these bodies to help prevent a project being slowed down by red tape.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering deals with optimising the flow of production processes. MBB offers a holistic approach to the design, or re-engineering, of agro-processing facilities and production lines.

We deal with the complete processing cycle, providing a customised service from conceptualisation and development, to the implementation of integrated systems for agricultural produce handling. This includes sorting, grading and packing facilities as well as production lines for the further processing of food.

MBB also specialises in improving the efficiency, capacity and productivity of existing facilities by delivering appropriate, effective and optimised solutions. Our aim is to improve performance and profitability while reducing input costs, in particular, for electricity and water.

A significant part of what we offer as industrial engineers is a step by step process which starts with the client’s idea that is developed into a concept, and then a business plan, from which the design flows. Thereafter, we supervise construction and assist the client to implement the business plan.

Environmental Engineering

MBB supports and promotes sustainable development and the careful consideration and mitigation of negative environmental effects of new and existing infrastructure. We apply environmental engineering principles to care for and improve our environment.

Our Services

  • Post harvest handling, storage and agro-processing facilities, including value adding amenities for agricultural and marine products, including turnkey installations
  • Hygienic design of new and existing food processing facilities in accordance with international food safety management systems and standards (ISO 22000, HACCP and GlobalGAP)
  • Fresh produce markets
  • Agri-business development, including conceptualisation, feasibility studies, strategic and business planning, and turnaround strategies
  • Industrial refrigeration, cooling, air conditioning and ventilation
  • Industrial engineering, process flows and materials handling
  • Energy optimization
  • Waste handling, minimisation, recycling and composting
  • Remediation of polluted sites