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MBB is one of the country’s leaders in hydrological and energy potential feasibility studies as well as the design, construction implementation, operation and maintenance of small hydroelectric power stations. We offer hydropower services throughout South and Southern Africa and currently operate four hydropower stations.

Our involvement in small hydropower development dates back to 1985, and the lessons learnt in the operation and maintenance of existing plants are implemented in all our hydroelectric project designs. Approximately 30 Gigawatt hours of green energy are generated annually by existing hydro power stations operated and maintained by MBB.

Small hydroelectric power stations typically generate between 200 kW to 10 MW. Currently, many old hydropower facilities stand vacant, some of which have been vandalized after their decommissioning in the days when Eskom power became an easy and cheap alternative.

Although equipment is often missing from these old facilities, if the water source is still reliable, there is real benefit in investigating the possibility of bringing these hydro stations back on line. For example, the site and structure may still be useable, saving investors money.

Some small schemes require a relatively low capital investment, depending on the site, and show healthy returns on the investment within a 5 to 8 year period. Facilities require minimum input to maintain and operate, and do not generate waste.

Hydroelectric power plants tend to have longer economic lives than fuel-fired power stations and some plants that were built over 50 years ago are still in good working condition. This is of course only true in the case where proper preventative maintenance has been implemented.

Hydroelectricity has become an important element in the alternate energy generation mix and electricity can be supplied to the Eskom grid or directly to facilities like holiday resorts or local municipalities.

Our Services

  • Feasibility studies, including hydrological studies, energy potential calculations, etc.
  • Water use licences
  • Conceptual and detail design, construction management and commissioning
  • Upgrades and expansions
  • Facilitation of Power Purchase Agreements and licensing requirements
  • Operation and maintenance