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Dams, Civil and Structural Engineering


MBB specialises in the planning, design, construction, rehabilitation and legislative requirements of dams, ranging from small stock watering dams to large municipal structures. We also undertake water resource analyses and the hydrological aspects of dam planning.

Over 40 years, we have established a solid reputation in sizable dams and have completed over 350 projects in South Africa and Africa, with embankments ranging from a few metres to 40 metres in height. The majority have earth embankments of various configurations for storage of agricultural bulk water. However, MBB has expanded its expertise into large rock fill structures with reinforced concrete spillways for potable water supply schemes.

Dam maintenance is crucial for serviceability, sustainability, protection of a significant asset and ensuring safety; yet it is often badly neglected. This can compromise a dam’s lifespan, devalue a property or even public safety.

MBB offers a full maintenance, repair and rehabilitation service in this highly specialised field. We are equipped to identify and solve problems such as uneven crests, seeping or leaking walls, unchecked vegetation growth on embankments, spillway scour or erosion and failure of outlet pipes or valves.

In South Africa, five-yearly Dam Safety Inspections by an Approved Professional Person (APP) are mandatory on dams with a safety risk. MBB employs APPs who have been vetted by the Department of Water and Sanitation, and undertakes many dam safety inspections every year.

Civil Engineering

We offer clients a A to Z, one-stop service in dam design, construction implementation, inspections, repairs and a bunch of creative solutions to every dam problem.
MBB’s established track record in civil engineering covers four decades: we strive to not only fulfil our clients’ needs and expectations but to exceed them. Our multi-disciplinary approach enables us to custom design projects with the emphasis on innovation, cost effectiveness, quality of work and cognizance of the environment.

Today’s large civil engineering projects are becoming more demanding and complex. Successful implementation requires attention to detail, careful management and precise planning. MBB has a range of specialist skills which we use to meet our clients’ diverse needs with creative solutions. Projects are undertaken either on a turnkey basis or each element accommodated separately, from project planning and feasibility studies to design, procurement and construction supervision.

Structural Engineering

MBB's structural engineering expertise includes the structural analysis and design of multi storey buildings, warehouses, commercial and residential buildings, water retaining structures, bridges, and other load bearing structures with foundations designed to suit the geotechnical (geological) conditions of the area.

Our name promotes excellence in the design and specification of concrete, steel, masonry, aluminium and timber structures. We are strong on solving problems, creative thinking and producing designs which are cost effective, safe, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable and sensitive to the environment.

Our Services

MBB has provided the following civil infrastructure services to a large range of markets, including private clients, variety of government departments and other consultants:
  • Dams, weirs and other river structures, including design, construction supervision, institutional arrangements, water use license applications and dam inspections
  • Bulk water supply systems (pressure towers, reservoirs, dams, pump stations, canals and pipe lines)
  • Buildings, including commercial and industrial facilities, university residences and lecture theatres, apartment blocks, sport facilities and the renovation of historical buildings
  • Integrated civil services master planning
  • Civil services and earthworks
  • Township services, roads and rural infrastructure
  • Water purification, sewage treatment and liquid waste handling
  • Expanded Public Works projects/labour based projects