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Why employ MBB Consulting Engineers?

We are one of the leading specialist engineering consultancies in Africa, with over 40 years experience in agricultural, civil, structural, industrial and mechanical engineering.

MBB can confidently tackle any project that needs unique engineering, innovative thinking and a solution orientated approach. Whether your organisation needs an Olympic size swimming pool, a historical building renovated, or a hydroelectric power station refitted, operated and maintained, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to make it happen.

Our years of experience in every aspect of agricultural development and infrastructure; from the design and implementation of dams and irrigation systems, to the development of bulk water supply schemes, agro-processing and storage facilities, makes us one of the most competent, knowledgeable and trustworthy forces in this field.

By tailoring services to fit our client's needs, the environment they operate in, and the goals they wish to achieve, we provide ideas that are both successful and sustainable. We are not a “cut” and “paste” type of company, instead we push ourselves to find the exact engineering fit for your project.

MBB also assists clients in maximising production and crop yields while managing resources such as water, electricity and labour, wisely. We specialise in solutions that improve our client’s bottom line profits.

We offer a practical, "hands on" engineering approach and deliver a one stop, complete package from project inception through to completion and beyond, with a comprehensive operations and maintenance service.

Our engineers are highly motivated, as many are shareholders – it is their company, so pride, dedication and excellence are everyone's business.

We have four offices strategically positioned across South Africa and regularly undertake projects in other parts of Africa. It’s our home, so we know how Africa works and how to get things done on this immense, resource rich but challenging continent. MBB Consulting Engineers company profile.